Canon Media Storage M80

Media Storage M80

The M80 is an 80GB portable storage device for the demanding EOS photographer. Featuring a high resolution 3.7" LCD screen, it provides top-quality image review and secure storage in a durable body.


  • 80GB HDD
  • High quality 3.7" LCD
  • Durable magnesium alloy body
  • CF and SD card slots with one-button back-up
  • Automatic data checking during transfer
  • Slideshow function
  • Compatible with popular multimedia formats
  • Exif data visible
  • Carry case and stand

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High capacity 80GB HDD

With a capacious 80GB internal hard drive, the M80 provides storage space for thousands of high quality images in one easy-to-carry device.

High quality 3.7" LCD with wide viewing angle

The 3.7" LCD screen provides superior colour reproduction, VGA resolution and an ultra-wide 1600 viewing angle to display your photos in detail.

Magnesium alloy body

The M80 is crafted from strong, lightweight magnesium alloy, creating a device durable enough to accompany you anywhere. A carry case provides additional protection, whilst the inclusion of a stand allows you to maximise the M80's potential for multimedia viewing.

CF and SD card slots with easy back-up operation

Whether you choose to photograph to SD or CompactFlash, integrated slots are provided for convenient data transfer. Simply insert a memory card and, at the touch of a button, information is transferred to the M80's HDD at speeds of over 4 MB/s - while Data Verification checks that your images are duplicated without corruption.

Password protection of images for security

Keep your private images private. Password protection ensures that only your intended audience sees your pictures.

Slideshow function with background music

Effortlessly review large numbers of files with the M80's built-in Slideshow function. The option of adding background music allows you to creat

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