Устранение неэффективности

Вы видите печать, мы видим повышенную производительность.

In today’s uncertain economic climate, rationalising suppliers, cutting back on purchase orders and invoices, and reducing overall costs are key challenges you face.

But while most businesses see the importance of their documents and print communication, few realise how much it is costing them or where there may be inefficiencies.

With the help of Canon Managed Print Services, Imagination decided to take a closer look. By embracing an outsourced approach to the management of their print infrastructure, they have cut wastage by up to 50% and reduced their print fleet by two third.

It’s not just about savings

With Canon Managed Print Services you can , increase productivity, enhance document security, and improve your carbon footprint.

«Мы получили большие преимущества. Расходы на печать значительно сократились, что существенно повлияло на общую сумму наших расходов. У нас гораздо меньше устройств, но они более гибкие и адаптируемые, и мы расположили устройства там, где они больше всего нужны».

Imagination, Великобритания

Customer Challenges

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