Canon CanoScan 3000 ex Технические характеристики


Desktop Colour Flatbed Scanner

Scanning element


Light source

Cold cathode fluorescent lamp

Optical resolution

1200 x 2400dpi

Selectable resolution

25 – 9600dpi¹


USB 2.0 Hi-Speed

Scanning gradation (colour)

48 bit input / 24 bit output

Scanning gradation (greyscale)

16 bit input / 8 bit output


Maximum document size

A4 / Letter [216 x 297mm]


Preview speed

Approx. 8 sec

Scanning speed (colour)

4 msec/line (600 dpi) 8 msec/line (1200 dpi)

Scanning speed (greyscale)

4 msec/line (600 dpi) 8 msec/line (1200 dpi)

Scanning speed (B&W)

4 msec/line (600 dpi) 8 msec/line (1200 dpi)


Power supply

AC Adaptor¹

Power consumption

15W Max, 5W Stand-by


257 x 460 x 61mm


Approx 2.4kg

Operating range (temperature)

10 °C to 35 °C

Operating range (humidity)

10% to 90% RH, without condensation formation

Supported Operating Systems

For USB 2.0 Hi-Speed:

Windows 2000 Pro, ME, XP (Home/Pro)

CPU: Intel PIII, Celeron (566 MHz or higher). AMD Athlon, Athlon MP/XP, Duron. 128MB RAM, USB port¹, CD ROM drive.

For USB:

Windows 98, 2000 Pro, ME, XP (Home/Pro)

CPU: Pentium II 233MHz or higher. 64MB RAM (128MB for WinXP). USB port (standard equipped port), CD ROM drive.

Отказ от ответственности

All Specifications subject to change without notice

Scanning speeds measured in USB 2.0 Hi-Speed mode. Scan time only, data transfer time not included

CanoScan and ScanGear are trademarks of Canon Inc.

Microsoft, Windows, and the Windows logo are trademarks, or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries

All brand and product names are trademarks of their respective companies

Specification CEL 1.0 310304


¹ Increased resolution is a function of the ScanGear CS driver

¹ AC Adaptor types vary by region

¹ Standard equipped port. Additionally the following Adaptec cards & hubs have been tested and approved for compatibility: USB2connect 2000LP/3100LP/5100, DuoConnect